FISH! For Schools Staff Development

FISH! For Schools Guided Journey K-12 DVD and Workbook
The Guided Journey is a staff development course. It will help you become more effective as an educator, strengthening relationships with your colleagues and students. The Guided Journey DVD includes 10 short videos of educators and students applying FISH! behaviours to common school situations and challenges. The videos are perfect for monthly faculty meetings or study groups as well as classroom discussion with students. More details...
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FISH! For Schools Starter Kit
The most effective way to bring FISH! into your school is to help your staff bring it into their lives. With the FISH! for Schools Starter Kit, you can introduce The FISH! Philosophy to your staff and start to build an enthusiastic and caring learning culture. The Kit includes the FISH! video, the Guided Journey DVD and Workbook, and one additional Guided Journey Workbook.
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FISH! For Schools Complete Pack
A great school year starts with a great culture.
The FISH! For Schools Complete Pack gives you tools to build a great school culture. Start with the FISH! video to re-energize your staff; follow with the Guided Journey professional development course to help build strong relationships among staff and students; and then the Classroom Experience offers simple ways to help your students live the FISH! Philosophy. More details...
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These programs can be ordered online by clicking on each title, or for assistance please call 1-800-561-4300 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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