FISH! Gear



Dress up your day and your outlook with our colorful, comfortable FISH! shirts and tote bags.

FISH! Philosophy T-Shirt
Comfy and casual, this purple heavyweight, cotton tee has the colorful FISH! logo on the front and the four practices of FISH! on the back.
(Available in sizes SmallMediumLarge – Xlarge – 2XL )

Button Down Shirt
Clearance item - 30% off retail price! With this colorful, classy and comfortable long-sleeved shirt, you'll light up any room (or auditorium). Perfect for leading training sessions, and great for starting conversations. (Limited quantities, sizes and colours. Please call for details.).


Small – Medium – Large – Xlarge – 2XL

Cards and Certificates

Tell each other how much you appreciate each other and reinforce your team's commitment to its values with our reward and recognition cards and certificates.

Conversation Cards

Sharing a common language, like the four practices of The FISH! Philosophy, helps us to better understand each other as we work, play and accomplish great things. These cards are designed to help you and a partner to really Be There for each other as you explore and practice The FISH! Philosophy together. A great tool for workshops.

Let's Make A Day Cards
The more you know what makes a person's day, the more impact your actions will have on them. Get to know your teammates and how they like to be recognized in this entertaining activity based on the old TV show, Let's Make a Deal.

Choose Your Attitude Cards
Learn how the attitudes you choose have an impact on you, your colleagues and your ability to achieve common goals. A fun workshop activity that helps people understand how much control they actually have over their attitudes.



Attract attention to The FISH! Philosophy with our colorful collection of magnets.

FISH! Magnet
A simple way to attract attention to the powerful practices of The FISH! Philosophy. (4 pack, 3" x 3")

FISH! Sticks Magnet
This colorful fish-shaped magnet will remind you to Commit, Be It and Coach It. (4-1/2" x 2-3/4" Currently unavailable.) 

FISH! For Schools Magnet
A simple way to attract attention to the powerful practices of The FISH! Philosophy. (3-1/4" x 2-1/4" Currently unavailable.)

Pete the Perch

You can perch Pete on your desk or computer as a fun symbol of FISH!, use Puppet
Pete to share the philosophy with younger students or grab everyone's attention with Mega Pete.

Pete the Perch (4-Pack Assorted)
A 4-pack of Pete the Perch is a perfect compliment for every workplace setting. Buy them for the whole office and watch everyone catch the energy and release the potential. Includes one each of Blue, Orange, Purple and Yellow.

Puppet Pete
Made especially for our FISH! For Schools clients, this colorful 15" plush puppet of Pete will help in your storytelling efforts and sharing special ideas and tips with the younger crowd. Available in Blue, Orange, Purple and Yellow.

Mega Pete
If you are practicing The FISH! Philosophy, then this is a MUST HAVE! The Mega Pete is a huge 32" plush colorful Pete that will help to serve as a reminder that The FISH! Philosophy LIVES inside your workspace. Available in Blue, Orange, Purple and Yellow.


Remind your team what you have learned and what the team is committed to with these inspiring posters.

FISH! Poster
Each poster brightly displays the learning points of the film. A colorful way to announce upcoming seminars and events, reminding everyone to live The FISH! Philosophy. (19” x 24” rolled poster)

FISH! Sticks Poster
Each poster brightly displays the learning points of the film. A colorful way to announce upcoming seminars and events, reminding everyone to keep the vision alive. (24” x 36” rolled poster)

Our Workplace Poster
Every workplace can benefit by a daily reminder of who they are being when they are doing what they are doing.

Who Are You Being? Poster
When you focus on who you are being, it influences everything you are doing—how you treat people and how you respond to life.

Our School Poster
Show your school spirit and commitment to The FISH! Philosophy with the Our School Poster.

FISH! The Musical Poster
This 19" x 24" rolled poster is a fun and perfect reminder that when you practice The FISH! Philosophy, you bring harmony into the lives of others.

Other FISH! Accessories

From pens, to lapel pins to our FISH! the Musical soundtrack, these fun accessories keep the powerful message of FISH! alive.

Lapel Pins
4-Pack. Contains one each Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple.


Our new pen is colorful, solid and easy to use, just like The FISH! Philosophy. Each FISH! practice is displayed on the side of the pen, and changes to a new one with each click to remind you to live all four practices. A great giveaway at meetings or events! 

FISH! Accessories Pack
This is one item that will help you finish off a fantastic FISH! event perfectly! No matter the event, adding a FISH! Accessories Pack is a great way to reinforce the learning while also throwing in some fun! This generous collection includes a 4 pack of Pete the Perch, four FISH! Magnets, a four pack of FISH! Pens and a FISH! Tote.

FISH! The Musical Soundtrack
Put some musical fun into your life with this original soundtrack from FISH! The Musical. This CD contains 14 songs that have a direct connection with the four practices of FISH!. It will be sure to have you singing along in no time and makes for a great gift for anyone that wants to add a little "harmony" in their life. 

Tote Bag
Foldable, storable and recyclable, FISH! has gone green! These totable totes fold up for easy traveling and are a "snap" to store. They come black with the FISH! logo on the front.


Wrist Bands

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