grantsandfunding newimageWe understand that educational budgets vary. While every situation is unique, we want to help you succeed in your efforts to make positive changes in your classroom/school/district culture using the FISH! For Schools program. This information has been developed to support you and your colleagues in your funding efforts. Start by exploring the options available to you at your school and/or board/district level. Also, consider these ideas to locate funding:

    • Staff Development Funds and Grants
      Many educators are utilizing staff development funds to purchase the FISH! For Schools materials and/or attend the LIVE! Workshop. In addition to site staff development funds, explore your options for district staff development grants that might be available to you. (See Grants section)
    • Compensatory Funds
      Some educators are finding the FISH! For Schools program to be a tool for meeting site improvement plan goals. Explore your provincial guidelines to see if FISH! For Schools fits within the parameters for funding.
    • Corporate Partners
      If there's a local corporation using FISH!, they may be very excited about partnering with your schools. It's great PR for them and many companies have dollars set aside for charitable and community purposes. Ask your students' parents if they know of any companies using FISH! You might be amazed at what you learn!
    • Parent Organizations
      Approach your PTA, PTO, or other parent organization regarding fund-raising efforts to support the purchase of the program. Share what you are doing with your students and the possibilities you see as a result of The FISH! Philosophy™. These results should include the impact on both students and staff.
    • Community Organizations
      Chambers of Commerce and clubs like Kiwanis or Rotary often have budgets set aside to help the community.

    • Local Financial Institutions
      Community banks and insurance companies often have resources for community development. There's no harm in asking, and you may be excited by the answer!

    • Grants/Internet Resources
      Check the Internet. You can also go to a search engine like Google or Yahoo and enter words like "education," "grants," "funding," and your location or region.

If you have found a unique or creative way to purchase, please share your storys with us so we can help others find ways to bring FISH! For Schools to educators and students everywhere!

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