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FISH! Books



Challenged to transform a "toxic energy dump," a manager discovers her team already has the power to create the workplace of their dreams. One of the best-selling business books of the last decade. Learn more...

FISH! Book Bundle

Renew your passion. Build strong relationships. Find purpose in your work. Lead by example. These are just some of the essential lessons in these four inspirational FISH! books.The FISH! Book Bundle contains the four inspirational FISH! Books-FISH!, FISH! Tales, FISH! Sticks and FISH! For Life. Combined, these books will personally inspire you and others to become more alive and engaged with a greater sense of purpose at home and in the workplace.
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FISH! for Life

If The FISH! Philosophy is effective at work, why not bring it home? A touching, instructive story about being there for family, in good times and bad. 

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FISH! Sticks

How do you keep vision, teamwork and commitment strong when the inevitable pull of old habits resurfaces? Learn three simple ways to sustain positive change.
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FISH! Tales

Inspiring, real-life stories of people who used The FISH! Philosophy to build trust and create remarkable results. This best-seller is packed with leadership lessons.

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Schools of FISH!

Uplifting stories about real educators who help students find the best in themselves, as well as practical, tested ideas for creating respectful, focused and fun schools. Learn more...

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