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FISH! Tales Series Collection

Bite Sized Stories. Unlimited Possibilities.

You don't have to work in a fish market to bring the FISH! Philosophy into your workplace. These short FISH! Tales programs demonstrate how organizations that have nothing in common with fish market are creating energy, fun and effectiveness through the FISH! Philosophy. Watch the rejuvenated organizations in FISH! Tales and learn how to "throw" the same kind of teamwork, service, attentiveness and commitment in your workplace.

FISH! Tales Jump Start
Rochester Ford Toyota had the worst record for sales and customer service in its region. Even worse, the employee satisfaction scores were so low they were almost immeasurable.

FISH! Tales Vital Signs
At Missouri Baptist Medical Center, the staff deals with emotionally difficult situations, the challenges of providing exceptional health care, and the everyday stresses we all feel.

FISH! Tales Peak Experience
In the mountains of Colorado, one ski resort has set itself apart from the competition. The employees at Aspen Skiing Company engage their guests with energy, enthusiasm, and care. Peak Experience shows how they use the FISH! Philosophy to 'make the day' for more than 3,000 guests daily.

FISH! Tales Sprint
A few years ago, Sprint Global Communications was a different company. Call after call, day after day, the employees slugged away in the world of customer service. Casual dress was reserved for Friday, laughter was generally a no-no, retention was an impossibility. Today, Sprint is living the FISH! Philosophy.

FISH! Tales Building Trust
Tile Technology, a roofing company in Tacoma, Washington, is transforming the construction industry. By living the FISH! Philosophy, the employees at Tile Tech have increased customer service and revenues all while improving the company's safety record.

Invite the FISH! Philosophy into your organization and you'll have your own Tales to tell.

Purchase includes one DVD containing all five films, together with a conversation guide for Building Trust, Peak Experience, Jump Start and Vital Signs.

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