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FISH! Train the Trainer

If you would like to become a Licensed FISH! Trainer and create powerful world-famous FISH! Philosophy learning events within your organization, this course is for you!

FISH! Train the Trainer is a two-day, highly interactive workshop that teaches you how to use The FISH! Philosophy to ignite positive organizational change.


        1. Accomplish a personal mastery of the 4 practices of The FISH! Philosophy, so you can lead more effectively through your example.
        2. Learn proven step-by-step methods to incorporate the 4 practices of The FISH! Philosophy into your culture.
        3. Gain an insider's perspective on how utilizing the 4 practices of The Philosophy in an organization can foster change and achieve:
      • Higher levels of employee engagement and motivation.
      • Increased teamwork, morale, and trust.
      • Greater employee satisfaction, resulting in lower turnover.
      • Service that delights customers.
      • Better business results.
        1. Develop a strategy to embed The FISH! Philosophy in a way that strengthens your mission, vision, values, and culture.
        2. Participate in experiential methods that enhance your ability to put the 4 practices of The FISH! Philosophy in action each day.
        3. Have meaningful discussions with a diverse network of thoughtful, skilled leaders from other organizations.

Who should attend a Train the Trainer workshop:
FISH! Train the Trainer is designed for anyone responsible for creating change, maximizing performance and productivity, and improving workplace organizational culture and business results, including:

        • Internal Trainers
        • HR Professionals
        • Team Leaders
        • Managers and Supervisors
        • Business Owners


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