Traffic is a program designed to help people understand their own thinking and communication styles, which in turn increases their appreciation for the communication styles of others.

"We don't seem to be speaking the same language."
Does this sound familiar?

    • "I explain the procedure but she's not following the instructions I gave."
    • "He doesn't take the initiative to go on to the next task."
    • "I can't seem to get her to follow the routine."
    • "He wants to go on to something else before he has mastered what
      he's currently working on."
    • "She just doesn't seem to be listening."

These are common experiences when communicating with other people. Sometimes it's chalked up to a poor attitude or a personality conflict. However, there is an alternative reason for this kind of miscommunication - a difference in thinking style.

TRAFFIC incorporates and simplifies the strengths of many existing behavioural style programs, as well as using a basis of Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP), so that the learning can provide immediate results for program participants.

Upon completion of an on-line survey and the workshop you will have a better understanding of:
your dominant thinking style and the styles of others
how your thinking style affects the way you send and receive information
techniques that allow you to communicate effectively with anyone
techniques that enable you to resolve conflict quickly

Last but not least, TRAFFIC is practical, easy to understand and FUN!

For more information on how a Traffic Workshop can improve the communication skills in your organization, or to request a proposal, please call 1-800-561-4300 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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