Streamed Learning

Provide your employees with the flexibility to train right from their desk, at their own pace. Convenient for them – cost-effective for you!

Streamed learning is available on all training programs offered by International Tele-Film. It is a flexible delivery format that is easily integrated into any blended learning course. It is particularly ideal in training courses for younger employees and for a geographically dispersed workforce.

Choose from three delivery options:

1. Streaming

    • Digitized video streaming directly to each employee desk top or your organization
    • All titles in our catalogue are available for streaming
    • User friendly and cost effective - and efficient!

2. ArcLearn library... Learning Anywhere, Anytime!
ArcLearn is a video-centric, Internet-based service delivering popular business skills courses and videos from leading training content providers. Choose from more than 1200 leading and award-winning business titles.
Learn more about ArcLearn...

Learn more about ArcLearn for educators

3. Your own secure LMS or Intranet system.

Upload your selected training programs to your own LMS, or your outside vendor's LMS. In either instance, access to licensed programs must be password-protected. Activity must be reported on a monthly basis. (Some programs may be excluded from this option).

Streamed Learning options are subject to the online delivery policies of the respective producer and are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Choose from three streaming delivery options:
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